What to do

Statement by Clare Daly MEP on banning visas

Petition launched to European Parliament to stop banning visas for Russians – please do sign it

Positive Examples

1. OncoAlert banned collaborations and congresses in Russia, but the European Society of Medical Oncologists has confirmed “solidarity and unconditioned support to all oncology professionals and cancer patients, with no geographical boundaries

2. Concours Reine Elisabeth welcome all candidates, (English and link via Gilbert Doctorow)

Depuis son origine, le règlement du Concours précise qu'”aucun motif idéologique, linguistique, politique, religieux ou racial ne peut justifier le rejet d’une candidature”. Tous les jeunes artistes seront donc les bienvenus, quelle que soit leur nationalité. En ces temps troublés, où certains n’hésitent pas à utiliser les arts et la culture à des fins nationalistes et guerrières, nous pensons au contraire que les arts doivent continuer à rassembler l’humanité autour de valeurs universelles telles que la paix, la justice et la liberté.

3. Organising for Power training open to Russians: with so many rushing to cancel Russian children’s movies & the like, we want to announce that we WILL be offering Russian translation for our upcoming program. Instead of isolation, we choose solidarity with the Russian-speaking working classes. рабочие всего мира объединяйтесь!

4. Billboard in Moscow: “Some countries have decided not to play Shostakovich. We decided that Vivaldi’s music is always wonderful. Culture cannot be canceled. В некоторых странах решили не играть шостаковича, мы решили что музыка вивальди прекрасна всегда. Культуру не отменить”

5. Lessons are set to resume at a Russian Language School based in Warrington, which was forced to close following one anonymous complaint after more than 2,200 people signed a petition calling on Warrington Borough Council to perform a u-turn.

6. UK charity Act against Bullying issues statement including: “The support which has been extended to Ukrainian families will be undermined unless that compassion is extended to Russian children affected indirectly by the conflict. Now is our chance to express the kindness and understanding towards these children who have made the UK their home.”

7. Japan’s Foreign Minister speaks out against anti-Russian hate speech and discrimination: Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi on Tuesday expressed concerns about human rights abuses against Russian nationals in Japan, making reference to hate speech, harassment and other discriminatory acts that have occurred in the country since Moscow invaded Ukraine in late February.

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