Russian Orthodox Church burnt in Paris

17th April

A small wooden Russian Orthodox chapel suffered extensive damage.

The fire consumed the Church building and its icons. Priests who were inside the Church were evacuated by the authorities. The Church belongs to the Archdiocese of the Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe of the Patriarchate of Moscow. The cause of the fire is being evaluated by the forensic team to determine whether it was an accident or a case of arson.

Orthodoxy Cognate Page, published by OCP Society

Threats, bricks and discrimination in the Netherlands

6th April

Threats to restaurants, a supermarket and a brick thrown through windows. 11 reported accounts of discrimination including banned from attending a sports event, banned from accessing notary services, cancelled from music events. These are the reported ones, they think it is thetip of the iceberg., privately funded by readers

Russian Memorial vandalised on Corfu

28th March

A memorial in the town of Corfu dedicated to Fyodor Fyodorovich Ushakov, a 18th century Russian naval commander and admiral was attacked. Unknown vandals removed the Greek and Russian flags from the memorial before throwing red paint on it, the Russian embassy said on Twitter on Saturday.

Greek City Times, independent website

500 reports of attacks on Russian & Ukranians in Germany

16th March

Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has received at least 500 reports including vandalism, burning, broken windows, throwing bottles, paint thrown at premises, threats, harassment, verbal assaults, hoax anthrax threats

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Soviet war memorials vandalised in central and eastern Europe

14th March

Bratislava landmark Slavín, a war memorial dedicated to the Soviet Red Army, was painted blue and yellow on 2 March. Slavín is one of the biggest war memorials in Slovakia and serves as a cemetery for thousands of Belarussian, Russian and Ukrainian soldiers.

In Brno, the second biggest city of the Czech Republic, anti-Russian graffiti was sprayed at several locations, including a statue representing a soldier of the Soviet army. An unknown person sprayed blue and yellow paint on its pedestal. Authorities have refused to remove it.

In the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a debate has started about the removal of the Soviet Army Monument, which stands in the heart of the city. Several messages to Russia were written on it – “murderers”, “occupiers” and “freedom of Ukraine”.

Euractiv, Euractiv media receives EU funding

Russian Community Center vandalised in Vancouver

5th March

A social, cultural, and educational hub in Vancouver’s Russian community was targeted by vandals expressing support for Ukraine following Russia’s invasion of the nation.

Blue and yellow paint were splattered on the front doors of the Russian Community Centre at 2114 W 4th Avenue in Kitsilano. The venue, which offers courses, performances, and meeting space is also known as the “Russian Theatre” or “Russian Hall.”

“We are a non-profit cultural centre focused on spreading the joys of Russian culture since 1956,” explains the RCC’s website.

The RCC has been at its location since 1958 when the organization moved into the historic Kitsilano Theatre, a movie house that was going dark.

Castanet, independent website in Western Canada