Ireland bans Russian & Belarus visitors unless they have visa

24th October

The Government is set to remove visa entitlements of Russian and Belarusian travellers coming to Ireland from the UK. Under an existing arrangement, Russians and Belarusians traveling from the UK to Ireland would not have to apply for visa when entering this country., owned by Independent News & Media (INM), a subsidiary of Mediahuis

Tromsø decides it hates cities

26th October

The municipal council in the northern Norwegian city of Tromsø voted unanimously on Tuesday to end its “frienship city” ties with Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Nadym with immediate effect. Mayor Gunnar Wilhelmsen of the Labour Party cited the “serious situation” that’s emerged after Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. “This is important for Tromsø and the role we have in the Arctic,” said Wilhelmsen,, independent website in Oslo

[Updated statement from University of West London] – London based student from Russia denied Masters place at University of West London

26th May

Updated statement from University of West London, saying it was an error.

25th May

A Russian woman has been discriminated against and denied a place on a Masters in luxury Hospitality Management by University of West London, with the university saying

her application to study at the institution would not be taken further due to “the recent events and situation in Ukraine”.

University of West London

Express newspaper, owned by Northern and Shell

German State tv ZDF promotes racist views about Russian heritage

12th April

German EU official Florence Gaub said (translated)

“We should not forget, even if Russians look European, they are not European, in a cultural sense,” Gaub declared in the German-language interview.

“They [Russians] think differently about violence or death,” the EU official continued. “They have no concept of a liberal, post-modern life, a concept of life that each individual can choose. Instead, life simply can end early with death.” and independently funded news outlets

Vilnius Film Festival bans Russian films

22nd March

The Lithuanian film festival has cancelled all Russian films and replaced them with Ukranian films.

“Vilnius is the first international festival to boycott Russian cinema and refuse all Russian films. In doing so, it responds to the call by the Ukrainian Film Academy and the requests set out in its official petition”, receives EU Commission funding