Banned from coding, apps, news

5th April 2022

The Google summer of code 2022 has banned Russian and Belorussian participants. Alphabet aka Google have also labelled, censored and banned both independent and state affiliated Russian media. Google have stopped users carrying out normal financial transactions via the Play store and Youtube.

East West Digital News, published by Belgian International Digital News SPRL

Automated anti-Russian messages appear at University of Helsinki

23rd March

“a university in Finland has been targeted by a “disinformation operation” that has seen automated bots post thousands of anti-Russian messages to its social media pages, writes Tom Bateman for Euronews Next.

The messages, which began appearing on Monday 21 March, call on the University of Helsinki to effectively sanction its Russian students and staff, withdraw scholarships and even stop accepting students from Russia altogether. The university, which is the largest in Finland, said on Wednesday that it suspected the messages were the result of an organised campaign.”

University World News, published by UK Higher Education web publishing