Russian Orthodox Church burnt in Paris

17th April

A small wooden Russian Orthodox chapel suffered extensive damage.

The fire consumed the Church building and its icons. Priests who were inside the Church were evacuated by the authorities. The Church belongs to the Archdiocese of the Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe of the Patriarchate of Moscow. The cause of the fire is being evaluated by the forensic team to determine whether it was an accident or a case of arson.

Orthodoxy Cognate Page, published by OCP Society

Russian Orthodox Church vandalised in Calgary

1st March

Shortly after a Saturday evening service ended at the All Saints Russian Orthodox Church in Calgary, someone walked up and poured red paint on the building’s front doors.

Priest Dmitry Grygoryev said security cameras at the church captured a man jumping a short fence to get onto the property, trying to open a locked door, then dumping paint on the church’s front doors and steps. A priest said about 30 per cent of the members at his church are Ukrainian and he himself was born and raised in Ukraine before going to school in Russia.

CTV News Calgary, owned by Bell Media