UK Labour party and Guardian launch fishfinger hate campaign against Russian fish.

14th May

Fish fingers sold in most UK supermarkets use whitefish caught by Russian ships…“Labour has been pressing the government on the issue of Russian fish being commonplace on UK supermarket shelves and we are disappointed at their lack of urgency to act on this.”

Guardian, owned by Guardian Media and the Scott Trust

Milton Keynes girl bullied

12th March

Police have met with Milton Keynes residents who are of Russian and Ukrainian origin to discuss hate crime.

And they have reassured them that everybody who lives or works in MK has a right to feel safe here.

A police spokesman said today: “We discussed their experiences of hate crime, how we investigate them and how to make a report to us when English isn’t your first language.

“We also spoke to a young girl who told us that she has been bullied at school in recent weeks.”

MK Citizen, published by JPI Media Ltd

Russian children bullied in Ireland

4th March

The Russian ambassador said that he is aware of instances where Russian children are being bullied in school.

He said: “The problem that we’re seeing and which people are describing to us is children in school.

“Unfortunately, there are elements of bullying and this is very unfortunate because in general, in my opinion, the Irish people are generally sympathetic and kind, but sometimes, it seems, completely unaware of the situation, so that they take it on themselves to act on the basis of some analysis they have in their heads, and this, unfortunately, can affect our children studying local schools.”

RTE, Raidió Teilifís Éireann, Ireland