Banning Russian lessons; public censorship

12th March

Russian classes at a Warrington primary school have been cancelled. The language, history and dance sessions are run at St Wilfrid’s CE Primary School in Grappenhall on Saturday mornings and have continued in recent weeks.

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Canada, Germany, Japan, Ireland cancel Russian pianists

9th March

Canada’s Montreal Symphony Orchestra banned Alexander Malofeev from performing his recitals. MyScena

Ludmila Berlinskaya lost performance opportunities in Germany and Japan as a result of concert providers not wanting to promote Russian artists at this time. Violin Channel

The Honens International Piano Competition in Canada and the Dublin International Piano Competition in Ireland invite young pianists from around the world to compete for prizes and performance and recording opportunities – but this year, neither will be open to Russian pianists., published by Our Media and owned by BBC.

A ‘small island’ wave banning Russian music and musicians

3rd – 10th March

The Russian State Ballet of Siberia – The dance troop has had dates cancelled in British cities including Bristol, Wolverhampton, Peterborough, Northampton, Edinburgh and London

Royal Moscow Ballet – A performance of Swan Lake by the group in Dublin was cancelled

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The Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra’s decision to remove Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky from its forthcoming programme due to the conflict in Ukraine has been branded a “terrible mistake” by a classical music critic.

Ivan Hewett said that the decision showed “how quickly common sense can be set aside, when passions are inflamed by conflict” , sponsored by the Welsh government

Czech restaurants refuse to serve citizens from Russia and Belarus

7th March

Some shops and restaurants put up signs in Czech and Russian saying, “We will not serve Russian and Belarusian occupiers.” Others want Russian patrons to pass some sort of moral test. A sign in a restaurant in the Zizkov district of Prague declares: “Before I start paying attention to you, you must first declare that Putin and Lukashenko are mass murderers. Then you will apologize for them and show remorse. Only then will you be allowed to order.

Sarah J Seaman, independent website

Banning Russian music begins

28th February

Valery Gergiev banned from his role as principal conductor of Munich Philharmonic Orchestra, suspended from Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, removed from an opera at La Scala, for refusing to condemn the Russian invasion. Reuters and international press

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