Stealing funds from Russian Scientists

3rd March, accessed 2nd April

The European Geoscience Union General Assembly has stolen the registration fees from Russian scientists.

Special notice: To show our support for Ukraine and in accordance with current European sanctions, EGU will not accept any payment of EGU22 registration fees from Russian or Belarusian institutions paid on behalf of researchers based at or affiliated with them. Already paid fees will be directly and completely donated to the UN Crisis Relief Fund for Ukraine.

EGU 2022, EGU Registration, available at

Via RussianswithAttitude podcast, independent website

Banning trees

28th February

We, organizers of the ETY are appalled by the aggression of the Russian Federation, which has militarily invaded neighbouring Ukraine.

We therefore join the activities aimed at the international isolation of Russia

With immediate effect, we are putting the Russian Federation out of the running for the international European Tree of the Year contest. ETY

ETY is sponsored by the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation