Soviet war memorials vandalised in central and eastern Europe

14th March

Bratislava landmark Slavín, a war memorial dedicated to the Soviet Red Army, was painted blue and yellow on 2 March. Slavín is one of the biggest war memorials in Slovakia and serves as a cemetery for thousands of Belarussian, Russian and Ukrainian soldiers.

In Brno, the second biggest city of the Czech Republic, anti-Russian graffiti was sprayed at several locations, including a statue representing a soldier of the Soviet army. An unknown person sprayed blue and yellow paint on its pedestal. Authorities have refused to remove it.

In the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, a debate has started about the removal of the Soviet Army Monument, which stands in the heart of the city. Several messages to Russia were written on it – “murderers”, “occupiers” and “freedom of Ukraine”.

Euractiv, Euractiv media receives EU funding

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