Scotland removes St Andrew’s flag logo in case it resembles the Russian navy

3rd March

The Scottish government has dropped a logo based on the national flag from all communications because of its close resemblance to the Russian naval flag.

The logo reverses the colors of Scotland’s Saltire flag, producing a blue cross on a white background. It has been “urgently” retired, senior staff were told in an email seen by POLITICO, and should not be used “under any circumstances.”

It will also be removed from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s COVID briefing backdrop

A spokeswoman said: “The white with blue Saltire version of the Scottish government logo is part of the organization’s approved branding toolkit” but will no longer be used “given the situation in Ukraine.”

The Russian navy ensign, also known as the St Andrew’s flag, was first used in the early 18th century and was revived to represent the navy of the Russian Federation in 1992. St Andrew is the patron saint of both Scotland and Russia., owned by German Axel Springer

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